sécurisation commerce

Secured access for businesses and offices

Bank locations have had security measures in place for a long time. Vulnerable businesses are being targeted more and more frequently, like pharmacies, jewelry stores, armories, and warehouses where easily resold goods are stored.

These locations still need to be friendly, attractive from a business point of view and should be easily accessible to the public and to employees. Security constraints combine with operational constraints.

Similarly, securing sensitive offices, like police stations, embassies, etc., should allow for the easy movement of authorized personnel and channel the flow of visitors in a user-friendly way.

Comes Security offers complete, customized security solutions, including armored doors of all sizes, sliding reinforced doors, security airlocks, anti-burglary windows, reinforced partitions, as well as the access control system that best suits your needs.

The weakest point is what determines the device’s security level. We put at your disposal our extensive experience and a wide range of skills all available in a single location. We can go all the way to the PB7 standard (warfare-grade weaponry). As of today, our assets are up to XXX installations.

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