An armoured replica of your old door from COMES

For 40 years, our craftsmen have specialised in creating custom replicas of old doors incorporating the armour and security that we have come to expect today. A security door, unlike conventional alarm systems, keeps burglars out!

Our carpenters can reproduce a replica of your door, whether it has mouldings, stained glass or a special type of wood…Give us a call if you would like to replace your old door with an armoured door but keep the appearance of your current door.

With COMES armoured doors, you can combine aesthetics with a high level of security against attempted break-ins. Our exterior doors are also designed to prevent heat loss with a thermal bridge breaking system.

Replacing your old door also gives you the opportunity to install the latest technologies at this access level such as an electric lock, badge reader or fingerprint reader.

COMES, crafting your safety!

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