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Armoured doors for apartments

The armoured door (not to be confused with the shield of an existing door) is a replacement for the existing door. The only doors that guarantee safety are certified armoured doors. False armoured doors offer minimal resistance. Some cannot resist an experienced burglar more than 10 seconds. Our armoured doors offer full coverage. You choose the level of security, type of opening (mechanical-electrical), access control options and finishes.

In addition, our fabrications are fully customised, which allows us to work with a frame closer to the wall, reducing the possibilities of deformation of the frame and to work with minimal tolerance play. Our teams take the exact measurements on the spot, check the solidity of the walls, note the irregularities. A fully customised door comes out of our workshops. Do not forget, any compromise during the installation of your door, will present flaws that an experienced intruder will not fail to exploit. An armoured door forms a complete security set (door + lock + frame). The weakest point determines the resistance of the whole.

Closing mechanisms are either mechanical or electrical. Our “access control” department is able to offer you the solutions that are the most suited to your needs. For seniors, we have solutions allowing access by a trusted person or emergency services. With access control.

The doors can be of the single type, double-casement or sliding.

We offer three levels of security:

– Maxi Security Plus

– New Technology

– Titan

Below you can consult the documentation for these different models.

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