protection maison

Armoured garage doors

The garage door is often the weakest link in the home’s anti-crime prevention. Our doors offer the best compromise between your security and aesthetic constraints. Effectively protecting access to your garage also greatly limits opportunistic thefts.

These are hinge swing doors made of reinforced steel. They are always motorised. The exterior decoration can be chosen by the customer to best meet their aesthetic and/or discretionary wishes. All access control solutions are available.


  • Approved by Belgian insurance
  • Entirely made to measure
  • Mechanical or electrical closure
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Hardened steel pins
  • Alarm pre-wiring


Securing access to the common areas

Entrance door of buildings

To date, in the Brussels region alone, Comes has installed more than 1,200 armoured entrance doors to apartment buildings. There are two variants, namely the secure door that opens to the outside, and the secure door inside an airlock. These doors always have motorised locking, self-locking and are connected to an access control system.

To complete the protection, we also manufacture secure apartment doors and secured underground parking access.

Some examples

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